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What is Forex?

What is Forex? By FXCM ( Learning to trade in a new market is like learning to speak a new language. It’s easier when you have a good vocabulary and understand some basic ideas and concepts. So let’s start with the basics of forex trading before moving on to learn how to [...]

Why I Trade with Interactive Brokers.

For those who know me, you know how much I Love the markets and Choosing the Right Broker is most likely one of the most important as well as overwhelming decision you will have to make. If you are investing for the long haul and you are buying and holding stocks it might not be the most vital [...]

You can now open a Goldman Sachs account with $1

You can now open a Goldman Sachs account with $1   by Kathryn Vasel   @KathrynVasel April 25, 2016: 1:12 PM ET One of Wall Street’s biggest banks is now open to Main Street. Goldman Sachs has entered the online banking game, offering bank accounts that don’t require a minimum [...]

A Brief History Of The Hedge Fund | Investopedia A Brief History Of The Hedge Fund By James E. McWhinney Famed hedge fund manager Mario Gabelli wrote in 2002: “Today, if asked to define a hedge fund, I suspect most folks would characterize it as a highly [...]

Using Options to Trade High-priced Stocks

The Following Article was originally published on Online Trading Academy’s website, and written by Russ Allen Russ Allen Instructor If you like the idea of doing short-term trading in stocks, options can [...]

My Background in the Markets

Trading the Markets in something that I am truly passionate about, to me the world markets is the heartbeat of the western world. Every fear, phobia, anxiety, hope human vision can be depicted in the markets. People hope for a clean energy future and space travel, Tesla (TSLA) rises, Doesn’t [...]

Capitalism, Zero Sum Game & Human Desire

Something that I have always been Intrigued by, and more so after taking my Professional Stock, equities and futures course is the perception, or should i say the idea that we “made money” or “lost money” and unless we work for the Federal Reserve,  we didn’t make or [...]

In The World of Credit

The common saying goes, Get a credit card, pay it all of every month and build your credit… Well guess what, thats not a credit card that is a charge card and will not do a great deal for your FICO score. Your FICO score is composed by the 3 credit bureaus; Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. [...]
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